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Have Wacom, will travel....
Draws, writes and fixes car in spare time. Runs on caffeine, refuses to call self "artist".

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Tikky Jotter Pacer

Fri May 5, 2017, 6:01 AM
Weird random thought, but has anyone else gone and bought a tool or piece of kit, be it drawing or anything else, that they thought would be an upgrade and found themselves just incapable of using? I ask because I apparently bought a Rotring Tikky pacer awhile back (and I say "apparently" because I don't remember doing so, but it was in the bottom of a drawer so I must have) and tried it out (again, I guess) tonight. Don't get me wrong, it's quite a nice thing. The materials feel good to touch and it's well put together. It's way nicer than the $1.00 pink plastic pacer I normally use. However, for the life of me, I can't get comfortable with it or make it do what I want it to.

I don't think it's size, the grip is only slightly smaller, or the extra weight: I draw just fine with the steel Parker Jotter ballpoint I have for work, and that's both smaller and heavier. I also don't think that it's that it's new and a bit different. Again, the Jotter I worked just fine with right out of the box, and it's hardly the first time I've switched pacers (the cheap ones tend to fall apart after awhile), but seriously, something just is not flying for me. Maybe I'm just tired, but it feels so unnatural it's almost comical.

I'm going back to my cheap pacer.

Anyway, out of curiosity: anyone else?

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Monday Musings - 20180319
So, right now all my digital kit is somewhere between Newcastle and Brisbane...

I very nearly bought a Lancia Flaminia Pininfarina Coupe a few years back (about the same time I was shopping for the BMW). Part of me regrets not going that, as I still think it's one of the best looking cars ever made. Part of me is however very glad I didn't as I would then have owned two daft Italian cars and nothing reliable or air conditioned. I still want one though, badly.

Seemed like as good of an opportunity as any to roll out That One Unnamed Girl again as well.
Quick and Careful
This honestly started out as "characters wearing outfits I saw whilst on holiday and thought suited them"...

I don’t know what’s going on here, but it must be pretty serious for Monty to even consider working with Raych and Odile (2/3 of Dad's Army). For that matter Danilo, Raych's handler, probably isn't much happier because a) his cyborg is out on her own, and b) is with Monty, whom he doesn’t approve of, whilst c) having to cover both tank and DPM.

I've a sneaking suspicion this is probably the most badass Odile (on left) and Raych (on right) have ever looked, at least that I've ever drawn...

Also on Twitter and Pixiv
Monday Musings - 20180312
Chizuru, again, picking up from this drawing:
Monday Musings - 20180205 by wraith11

It's moving week, which means I'm in the middle of packing things away... including my tablet (unfortunately they won't fit in my car without going onto the back seat). Hoping to cram out one more digital piece before that happens. Add in that my life will be on the back of a truck as of Friday, and Monday Musings are going to remain traditional media for a wee bit longer.

Chizuru Matsuo is from The Idolmaster, which is (c) Bandai Namco.
Monday Musings - 20180305
So, one of the real estate mobs I've been dealing with whilst looking for somewhere to live are called "Tessa"... no prizes for guessing where my brain immediately went.

Also yeah, pen and marker because in the midst of gearing up to move.

Tessa is from Full Metal Panic!, which is (c) Shoji Gatoh.


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