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A Better Sort of Tomb Raider by wraith11
A Better Sort of Tomb Raider
Well, I was working on something a bit more involved, but I've also been having a go of the prototype stage/demo for Indivisible and, despite essentially being the love child of things I suck at (RPGs, platformers, and fighting games), have been enjoying it immensely. Doesn't hurt that the OST is great and the art style is glorious also.

The combat controls took a bit of getting used to as well.

Anyway, the project is by the same team who did Skullgirls and is currently in the midst of raising funds over on indiegogo. There's a bit over a week left in the campaign and they've still got a little way to go, so emergency fanart time. Meet Ajna, the main character, who I swear must be half cat because Oh My God I have been falling off so much shit, but she always lands on her feet.

The demo is free for download on the indigogo page… so have a stab and, if you like it, throw them some cash and spread the word. I don't game much, and crowd fund even less, but would rather like to see a full version of this.

Obvious soundtrack for this one --->…


As an aside: first picture on my new computer, new adobe install on a new windows install... I've also not had the chance to run a colour calibrator over my monitor yet either, so we shall see how this goes.

Ajna and Indivisible are (c) Lab Zero

21 October 2015

Wed Oct 21, 2015, 4:38 AM

Yeah, ok, so Lexus did actually do a hoverboard(ish), but this seemed appropriate for the day (warning, lyrics possibly not entirely safe for work)...

...also: excuse to swap out that really long tag entry.

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Are You Afraid of the Dark? by wraith11
Are You Afraid of the Dark?
" Being afraid of the dark is kids... stuff."

"Well, now might be a really good time to remember how. Stay close, and don't step out of the light.

I suspect this is Mathilde's first, and probably quite accidental, tomb experience.

And no, Lettie is not fond of the dark. After all, she knows what lurks there.
Allroad to Scotland by wraith11
Allroad to Scotland
As opposed to the high or the low road... *ducks thrown objects*

While Jethro is a Queen and Country Englishman I suspect, as a place to be actually physically present, both he and Monty prefer Scotland.

Landscape practise (because I need all the help I can get) with J+M, re-enacting that one scene from Skyfall . It's been a little while since I drew them with their actual car, so that made an appearance as well.

Jethro and Monty Blacker are (c) yours truly, and are fancharacters operating within the Gunslinger Girl universe which is, in turn, (c) Yu Aida.
Contest Entry: A Friend for Sayaka by wraith11
Contest Entry: A Friend for Sayaka
Well, that took longer than anticipated, not as long as budgeted, but certainly longer than anticipated.

Anyway, here’s my entry for :iconnsio:’s “Design a Friend for Sayaka” contest. Didn’t want to lock down Chieko’s personality too hard, but with her I was hoping to create someone with a different, call it a ‘dramatic range’, to his existing characters, and could serve as something of a foil.

1) Walking through the park, something catches Sayaka’s eye...
2) ...and she moves in for a closer look.
3) Unfortunately, Chieko doesn’t appreciate having an audience.
4) Sayaka hurries off, but she’s dropped something.
5) “Hmm, she looked familiar.”
6) LATER: Sayaka’s getting coffee, and wondering where she left her book.
7) Surprise! It’s the girl from before.
8) Sayaka is very sorry for disturbing her, but the girl has something to give back.
9) “If you liked that, you might like this one too...”

Name: Yamauchi Chieko

Age: Early to mid-twenties.

A barista who supplements her income writing... well... writing sappy shoujo manga and romance novels, Chieko is not really the picture of an airy novelist. She is instead rather organised and, perhaps as a result, is also known to do the occasional bit of type-setting if a mangaka is running behind schedule. While generally amiable she can be bossy at times, and really doesn’t like people looking over her shoulder while she’s working (and can be even less friendly should she be pushing a deadline). That’s partly due to finding the feeling of being watched uncomfortable, but mostly because, despite enjoying it, she finds her sideline slightly embarrassing. That said, she will happily discuss the subject if she thinks someone shares similar interests or tastes.

She would rather like to travel.

The contest still has a week and a half or so left in it to run. If you're looking for a good excuse to practice pose work and visual storytelling it's well worth a shot. Details can be found here --->   Contest: Design a friend for Sayaka![ENDED!]Hello there people!
I got my tenth pose practice featuring my original character Sayaka Tsuchimiya done just recently. I've drawn her with her sister Sachiko, traveling with a random gentleman and even dancing with Anon, but I haven't really drawn her with her friends. I just realized that she doesn't really have any friends for the time being, with exception of Jill as seen in this picture:
Thus I decided to run a contest for adding a new character to the pose practice series. I will go trough the details of the contest information. Please read it thoroughly before taking any actions. Opinions about the contest information are welcome and changes will be made according good, constructive suggestions.
0. Contest theme and changes to the contest information (clarifications added 18-7-2015. Changes made 19-7-2015!!!)
1. Sayaka bio
2. Submission format and rules
3. How to partic

EDIT: Welp, the contest is now over and, blow me down with a feather this actually won, which was a rather nice surprise to say the least:
Design a friend for Sayaka: Winner announcement!Hello there people!
I recently held a contest about designing a friend for my original character Sayaka Tsuchimiya. There were 62 people announcing their participation, but there were 15 submitted entries in the end. While the number of total entries is rather disappointing, I appreciate the efforts of all those who did their best whether they submitted their entry or not. First and foremost, this contest was a practice and I hope you learned a thing or two while trying this kind of practicing method.
Before announcing the winner, I'll go trough few issues that affected negatively on judging without specifically pointing out which entries had these issues. This is both a general critique about the entries and also a lesson for people to learn. If you feel your entry has one or more of these issues, don't get disappointed. Hardly anyone get these things right on first or two tries (me included). Just mind the issues and work on them.
1. Repetitive general look
Probably the most n

Huge thanks to :iconnsio: for organising and putting the contest on, and big congratulations to everyone who entered. Like I said above, I think this is a great exercise, and one of the few competitions were, win or lose, you probably get more out of it as a competitor than the organiser did. If you're looking for a way to hone your skill as well, I could still well recommend checking out the original contest guidelines and giving it a shot as practise.

As a result, of course, Chieko now belongs to Nsio . END EDIT

Sayaka Tsuchimiya is (c) Nsio

21 October 2015

Wed Oct 21, 2015, 4:38 AM

Yeah, ok, so Lexus did actually do a hoverboard(ish), but this seemed appropriate for the day (warning, lyrics possibly not entirely safe for work)...

...also: excuse to swap out that really long tag entry.

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  • Reading: The Neutronium Alchemist
  • Watching: Psycho-Pass: The Movie


Have Wacom, will travel....
What to say: degree in Industrial Design, currently working as a planner in heavy civil and marine construction, which gives me a moderately strange skill set.

Draws, writes and fixes car in spare time. Runs on caffiene.


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