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Have Wacom, will travel....
Draws, writes and fixes car in spare time. Runs on caffeine, refuses to call self "artist".

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Tue May 31, 2016, 5:34 AM

Life update: have moved. To Newcastle, Australian variety. For work.

View from my new apartment is excellent but internet is sketchy until I can get the landline connected. As such attendance here may be similar.

I also need to buy more furniture.

Otherwise, how is everyone?

  • Listening to: Joe Hisaishi - A Town with an Ocean View
  • Reading: Dog Will Have His Day - Fred Vargas
  • Watching: Flying Witch


Monday Musings - 20170227
Out of town and out of time thanks to work, so here's a sketch of Katherine instead of a digital pic this week.

I also ran out of blue pacer leads. Seriously, why is that stuff so difficult to track down... and I refuse to buy 12 0.5mm leads off the internet.
Monday Musings - 20170220
Monday Musings, Virgin Killer Sweater edition. Set to Flight Facilities - Stand Still

Slapped a mature content thing on it. That's probably overkill, but just in case...

You can pretty much thank :iconmleth: for this one, without the counsel of whom I would still be completely befuddled as to the purpose of this particular garment.
Moonraker Chalet
The Moonraker Chalet is still probably one of my favourite "sets" (in so far as something which exists only in one's head can be a "set") from Jethro + Monty's stories... particularly the subterranean owner's-suite lap pool. So here's Monty in full spy mode with an update to the original design.

While the Grindelwald chalet was named Moonraker, I actually rather like this one set to Kronos Unveiled or, well,  Goldeneye. To be fair, "Goldeneye" was taken from the name of Ian Flemming's tropical chalet so...

On the upside I am finally, albeit slowly, and despite the best efforts of work to derail plans, managing to get back on the "finished illustration" horse. Let's see if I can make it a bit less than a two month gap next time around. ^^;
Monday Musings - 20170213
Busted. Question is, is it worth telling her hiding it like that isn't going to work...

I buggered up the legs on the original sketch (and I'm considering stealing that hairstyle for an update on Mathilde's design), so decided to turn her into a ghost, which gave me an idea. I think this is the first time I've done anything for Valentine's Day.
Monday Musings - 20170206
More from the daily life of Arcadia with Junior Steward Higgins... who, like the rest of the crew, is expected to keep in shape.

Like many superyachts Arcadia has a gym aboard. Unlike most, it's primarily for the use of the crew. You'll need to forgive any errors due to my total ignorance of boxing as a sport. Granddad would probably be disappointed in that.


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And a Merry Christmas to you as well.
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