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Six Degrees Cover by wraith11
Six Degrees Cover
Cover for Jethro+Monty's latest story --->…

Typefaces are:
Hitchcock, available here >…
and Pilsen Plakat >…

Jethro+Monty are fancharacters, operating within the Gunslinger Girl universe, which is (c) Yu Aida.
Any Time Now! by wraith11
Any Time Now!
The two from Orangina have been slowly gestating away in my head, and now have something to do other than stand around looking super-twee in front of 2CVs. Not that they'll stop being all twee and Continental mind, that's their day-job, but they've found other things to moonlight as.

Anyway, here are Henry (father) and Laetitia "Titty" (daughter) Maugham... and mummies.

I must apologise for Titty's name, it was a place-holder resulting from an unrelated comment someone made regards Swallows and Amazons, and it has seemingly stuck. ^^;

You know those times when, no matter what you do, you can't quite get something to go together the way you want? This was one of those times.
20141020 Random Girl by wraith11
20141020 Random Girl
Pose study which wound up being cleaned up and rendered in a night.

To be honest, I have no idea where to take this. Problem with doing the pose first is that I've no story to go with it and thus no idea for a background, even a basic one. ^^;

Possibly she belongs to the same world as the pair in Orangina
Gibraltar by wraith11

Despite technically presenting a lesser challenge than some planets, Saturn’s Titan moon has proven peculiarly resistant to terraforming. Never able to maintain a stable environment, atmosphere generators having to work continuously to force oasis of breathable air inside its noxious, frozen sphere. While resultantly deemed unsuitable for civilian colonisation, the Navy is less picky, and so this otherwise uninhabitable rock was chosen to carry the massive fortress known colloquially as Titan Castle. Officially named Naval Base Gibraltar, the sprawling complex centred on that keep forms Earth’s main out-system stronghold, and primary command and control node for Sol’s forward fixed defensive network: the Tomoe Line.

Humanity’s first encounter with a warp-capable race was not a pleasant one, the Vanshaali offensive pushing a fledgling Terran navy back into Earth orbit itself. Experience, while a hard teacher is however also an effective one, and humanity learned quickly. First proposed by Admiral Genevieve Tomoe in the wake of the ensuing war and named for her thusly, the line is backboned by a network of thirty-five massive space-borne fortresses, plus Gibraltar, stationed equidistant around Saturn’s orbit, taking advantage of Sol’s unusually distant jump-limit. In the event of another full-scale invasion, the outer system would be abandoned, giving the Navy time to regroup and concentrate its defensive efforts along the forts’ surrounding space, protecting the more industrialised inner planets and asteroid belt.

For the sake of redundancy, and to combat the constraints imposed by light-speed communication technology, any fort can technically act as a command node, but
Titan Castle, set deep within Saturn’s gravity well, and amongst the complex orbital dynamics set up by the gas giant’s moon and rings, presents a particularly difficult target. Heavily armoured to withstand sustained capital-ship bombardment under siege conditions, and surrounded by ten ultra-heavy surface-to-space defence guns, continued upgrades have ensured the installation remains well able to defend itself against orbital and ground-side assaults.

While the base is corner-stoned by Gibraltar’s keep, continued expansion over the years has seen the surrounding area become littered with landing fields, hangers, training grounds... things not critical to maintenance of the Tomoe Line, but for which Titan provides a convenient home. It has also become home to the Navy’s final-year cadets, sent to learn the fine art of ship handling, safely clear of the major in-system space-lanes. 


Background practise.

Elly and Pete by wraith11
Elly and Pete
Here's one for :iconthe0ne1: . His Gunslinger Girl OCs Elly and Pete... featured in his fan-comic "Carried Away" ---> Carried Away - Prologue Cover by the0ne1

You should go check it out.

Hopefully, I've got them right/done them justice.

Elly and Pete are fancharacters operating inside the Gunslinger Girl Universe, which is (c) Yu Aida.


Thu Oct 3, 2013, 3:02 AM

...that last entry was getting a little long in the tooth.

Apparently I've been on here over a decade now. That makes me feel... well, old, actually.

When I first joined, I used to have the time to go through the day's "anime" submissions beginning to end (ok, that's a lie: for the first couple of months I did absolutely nothing, then got dragged in). Then highshool finished and uni kicked off, and I stopped having time for that, but I could still keep on top of my message centre. Then uni finished, full-time work started... and now I can't even manage that.

I do still think about the people I know on here... usually in a slightly guilty manner for not having been past their galleries in ages, or see the backlog of deviations not immediately deleted from my inbox as "really must comment on" but... yeah.

Any half decent writer would probably have been able to add something profound at the end of that. I can't think of anything.

So how fares everyone else?

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Have Wacom, will travel....
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